With over 500 secured patents, the Pennington Intellectual Property Team provides an expertise on all patent matters, offering quality advice and guidance to yield superior cost-effective results. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds ensuring that clients receive in-depth counseling and direction through the patent process. Our clients range from first time patent seekers to large businesses with new patents issued every couple of months. This broad range of clientele has cultivated an environment that maximizes patent potential across all clients regardless of resources or experience.  

For those who are curious about the patent process for a standard non-provisional patent application, below is a general overview of what to expect:

Patent Search: This step involves searching prior patents and other relevant publications in order to determine (1) whether your proposed invention is patentable, and (2) if so, the scope of coverage that you may be entitled to. Typically, this step takes 4-6 weeks.  

Filing a U.S. Patent Application: This step involves drafting the patent specification, the claims, the drawings, and the preparation of all associated forms. 

Drafting Amendments/ Responses:  Most U.S. patent applications are rejected on their first pass through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  If that happens, it will be necessary to draft amendments and accompanying legal briefs.  Our office will reach out to you when a rejection ("office action") is issued and schedule a consultation to discuss the rejection, recommended responsive strategy and approximate cost of responding.  You should expect at least one office action.  

Issue:  Upon acceptance, the USPTO will issue a certified patent.  

During your initial consultation, our attorneys will provide a more detailed explanation of the process and answer any questions you may have.