Intellectual Property Litigation 

What is intellectual property litigation? 

Litigation is the process of taking legal action.  Most intellectual property law cases are filed in federal court because the law that applies is federal as opposed to state law.  

How long does a federal court case typically last?  

Federal litigation varies in length depending on the circumstances of each case.  Often a case ends before a trial.  However, if a case is taken to trial the case may last approximately 1-2 years. 

Why does federal litigation take so long?  

Litigation involves much more than a trial.  Each party to the case must engage in discovery.  Discovery includes requesting and answering written questions, requesting, compiling and delivering documents and taking depositions of key witnesses. If the parties disagree regarding the discovery process they may ask the court to intervene typically by written motions and responses.  The parties can file various other types of motions, including 

How much does it cost to file a federal lawsuit?  

The cost of a lawsuit varies greatly based on the facts in each case.  Please contact an attorney to discuss the estimate of costs for your case.   

Do you litigate in states other than Florida?

Yes, because most intellectual property law is based on federal laws, we are able to represent our clients in any federal U.S. court.