General FAQs

How do I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a consultation you can call, email, or complete the contact us page on this website. 

Can you help me get patent or trademark protection in other countries?  

Yes! Because of our relationships with international law firms, we are able to assist you with foreign patent and trademark applications.  

If I live in a state other than Florida, can I still  be a client?

Yes, most intellectual property law is based on federal laws, which allows us to represent clients in all 50 states. 

Why do you have two websites, one for the Intellectual Property group and one for the whole Pennington firm?

Our firm offers a variety of legal services, which provide many resources to our clients and attorneys.  However, we maintain the intellectual property group website to highlight the specific legal services our group offers and to provide our clients with specific information.  

Is there a consultation fee?

Yes, there is a $125 consultation fee. During this 30 minute consultation an attorney will advise you on the process, listen to your issues, and advise you on the different options and paths to take for the best results. This fee will be due on the day of the consultation. If you retain Pennington P.A. to represent you, the fee will be credited to your first invoice.