A work is copyright protected when the author fixes the work in tangible form.  Copyright protection covers the expression of an original work, rather than the functionality.  Pennington can assist you to identify the copyrightable aspects of your work and obtain a federal copyright registration.  A federal registration over your work provides many benefits.  If the work is registered within three months of its first publication, you will be entitled to elect statutory damages if a court of law finds that an infringer violated your copyright.  A federal registration is required prior to filing a lawsuit and it gives you the presumption of ownership (i.e. you are not required to prove to the court that you own the copyrighted work).    

If your copyrighted work is being infringed or if you are accused of infringing on another entity's copyrighted work, we can assist you. We have handled federal copyright infringement cases with a full range of copyrighted works at issue.  These works include computer programs, architectural home designs, literature and music.